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Retail Box movies are New Authentic/Original DVD(s) in Sealed Box Sets with full color label printed on each DVD directly from the Distributor/Manufactor (a red note of "Retail Box" next to the movie title)
Retail Quality: 
Movies posted with Retail Box (Retail Quality) will have crystal clear video (High quality).
This is the best quality you can get for Movies at (it is a 10 from 1 to 10 scale)
We suggest that you order these Retail movies before you make any other selections. 

Otherwise, all other movies 
(Phim Bộ, Phim Lẻ)
 are DVD-R(s) with small labels. 
(the DVD will not be played good with full color labels like other merchants have).

Other quality is either Compressed or Uncompressed: 
New and Old movies that are transfered from original VHS (video tape) to DVD. 
Usually depends on when the movie was released.
Each DVD usually contains either 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 episodes. These movies are approximately 8 - 9 grading 
quality (1 to 10 scale). 
There are also some oldies 
(Phim xưa),
 those that were released in the 1980's and 1990's. 
The quality is "Hình ảnh không tốt (phim cũ)"
Each DVD usually contains either 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 episodes. They are hard to find movies suitable for customers who would like to have them in their collections (Please do not order unless you really like them).

Again, the movie(s) 
(Phim Bộ, Phim Lẻ)
 you purchase will be new DVD-R(s) (you'll be the first one to watch them) unless specified "Retail Box." 
(Phim Bộ, Phim Lẻ) are shipped 
with either plastic or paper sleeves in bubble wrapped package.

Shipping rate is $6.70 for orders under $25. Orders over $25 will have FREE Shipping (domestic shipping only).
International customers, please ask for shipping quote before you purchase any products at our store.

All sales are final, No Return/Exchange for any reason. Exchange is accepted for the same title only. 
Exchange defective discs within 6 months from the day of your purchase.

Your satisfaction is priority at our store, please contact us immediately if you're not happy with your products.

Thank you for your understanding.

Đĩa phim bộ/ lẻ là đĩa DVD-R, được đựng trong bao giấy/nhựa. Phim tại website tiệm này là phim dvd-r, trừ khi có ghi chú Retail Box bên cạnh.

Phim Retail Box là DVD có hình trên mặt đĩa, đựng trong hộp cứng bọc kín có hình bìa giấy láng, có logo/seal của hãng sản xuất.

Hàng mua rồi xin không đổi/trả trừ khi đĩa bị lỗi.
Đĩa bị lỗi được đổi với cùng tựa chứ không thể đổi thành đĩa khác. Thời gian đổi đĩa lỗi là 6 tháng kể từ ngày mua.

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